Meet Tanya

Embody Financial Sovereignty and Artistic Legacy with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein. Mentoring for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Writers and Story Based Brands.

Wild, Story-Loving Soul Women.

You are in the right place.

I am a story-based entrepreneur, solo performer, and teacher living a life of purpose and magic in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

When I became a reluctant entrepreneur twenty-one years ago, I knew nothing about business. I was a terrified, broke single mom with a background in writing and performing. I was also working to overcome trauma, provide for a two-year-old, and grow myself into a sovereign adult. I was muddling through, to say it kindly.

Since then, a lot has changed. After years of throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what stuck, I devoted myself to learning real business structures and systems from a number of powerhouse marketing mentors. This helped me to become crystal clear on my vision and how I was going to implement it, to rebrand myself professionally, and pull everything together in a congruent way.

Aligned with my deeper vision and mission, and equipped with the skill set to run a successful biz as a right-brained creative, I began to thrive⎯as both a working artist and a six figure-making boss of my own life and creative business.

Now, I am here to make sure that YOU can shift your paradigm in the same way.

Are you a gifted and visionary⎯but still hustling⎯creative entrepreneur/coach/healer/author/artist/musician/story mentor?

Are You Ready to Completely Level-Up Your Business, Impact, Creative Process, and Life?

I offer real systems, structures, and story-based strategies so you can lay down the struggle and relax, knowing that all good things, including reliable income, are flowing to you.

As a result of our work together:

You become empowered.

You learn what you don’t know.

You get the help that you need.

Sound Good?


Start by downloading some free resources from The Portal to get your momentum moving. Then, come on over and join my FB Group, Alchemists of Story and Soul, where I offer up some consciousness-shifting tools and global-changing magic. I can’t wait to see you there.

Love, Tanya

What They Said!

“For years, I’ve longed to create a joyful, prosperous, impactful, and sustainable mentoring practice. With Tanya’s brilliant entrepreneurial know-how, integrity, enthusiasm, and intuition, I’m finally turning my vague idea into an exciting reality. I’m very grateful!”

Ericka Lutz, Author and Book Mentor

“For years, I’ve longed to create a joyful, prosperous, impactful, and sustainable mentoring practice. With Tanya’s brilliant entrepreneurial know-how, integrity, enthusiasm, and intuition, I’m finally turning my vague idea into an exciting reality. I’m very grateful!”

Ericka Lutz, Author and Book Mentor

“I’ve worked with Tanya  one on one and in a group of creative business women.
Working with her is like having a companion/guide sitting at the fire of ones own creation.
She knows what wood to throw on to crank up the heat.
She’s able to read when smoke is billowing, what resource to shift to.
She is able to coach for the long haul, through the darkest time, tending a well banked bed of embers through the night.
Her magical powers are looking into the flickering flames and visioning what  tool, structure or piece of knowledge is needed.
What she doesn’t know, she is willing to hunt for till she finds it to share.
She knows how to coach someone to breathe just so, into the flames of their own dream and bring it into reality.
She’s able to guide a client until their fire comes into it’s own steadiness and sustainability.
She knows (the) fire (of creation) is sacred.”

Rose Gagne, soul activist and earth wisdom teacher 8/10/18

“Tanya does not disappoint. She is fierce in the quality of her attention and has been the mid-wife for me birthing my voice and reclaiming my inner authority – in my business and in my writing. Her programs are not only healing, they create palpable breakthroughs.” 

Amy Sayers, Alternative Breast Cancer Coach and Author 8/10/18

“Tanya helped me pull all of the seemingly disparate threads of my experience, knowledge and expertise into a coherent vision and actionable plan and for a mission-based business with integrity.  ”

Marsha Pincus, Writing Mentor 8/10/18

“My ongoing work with Tanya is guiding me to change my life in a way that I have been longing to go for years. Her practical points and steady belief in my work strengthens me in my resolve and ability to create a steady income. Through her mentorship I am finally ready to be fully visible by sharing my soul with those who are ready to receive it.” 

Joanna Harcourt Smith, Author and Visionary Podcaster, Future Primitive

“Tanya is one of the most authentic people I know, and her authenticity arises from a depth that she steps into, an unswerving fierceness that goes to the difficult place in herself, in her life. It has a fluidity about that ability to flow, change, weep, and soar, and I know that she brings that capacity to her work. That’s something that’s really amazed me. She also understands story. I remember the first time she helped me look at my brand and asked me some questions about my life and my growing up in ways… some of those thing tied into things that I do now. I think it was like an hour conversation, and I had spent many hours with other consultants, and somehow we got to the core of things. Her sense of story, the depth and soul of story moved me. She also has a presence and a capacity to dig with someone. I think that also must come from her own work.

if you’re thinking of working with her, I couldn’t give her higher praise.”

David Bedrick

“There are times in your life that you want to move forward, want to step into your best self, and just know that if you had the support you could do just that. The rub is that if you have done any of that and you were looking for a pot of gold at the end of it that you never found, you are often left doubting yourself, your decisions and your inner wisdom. That’s where I was when I decided to work with Tanya. Her amazing light and love reminds me of why I am here AND teaches me to trust as I put one foot in front of the other to get my dreams in motion. I am living my best life, thanks to her guidance, insight, wisdom, and encouragement!”

Jami Hudson Vlachos 5/24/18

“Tania’s generosity, her guidance, her easygoing and organic way of working that’s also very purposeful, her experience… She’s so generous in her support and her knowledge. It was an amazing experience to work with her and to get really clear on what I’m bringing to the world. And her integrity, which is just a joy to sit with. For anyone who is thinking of working with Tania in an in-depth, big way, I would wholeheartedly recommend it, although part of me is a little jealous because I want to keep her all to myself, but yeah, she’s well worth working with.”

Kate Lawrence

“Tanya understands the struggles of those of us who are right-brain, heart-centered creatives; she knows that we love our work while we are ambivalent (at best) about promoting it. She’s given me the structures and step-by-step tools with which to share my body of work with a larger audience. Thank you, Tanya!” 

Luisa Kolker MA LPCC, Shamanic Soul Guide & Psychotherapist