For the past two decades I have made my living as a professional story coach, helping amazing people from all over the country and world tell their stories through solo performance, memoir, monologues, public speaking and business storytelling. Back when I started, "the power of story" wasn't on most people's radar, but I listened to my soul and carved out a niche for myself that has made a profitable, sustainable and very creative, meaningful living. Over the past several years, I've been coaching others to start their own unique story coaching businesses. 

If you're ready to step into what can be a lucrative line of work (if you know how to position yourself and stand up for your worth - all of which I can teach you) and love what you do for a living, watch the video below about how to make a six figure income as a story coach and sign up for a free call with me. There is no obligation. I am here to help you thrive in what I consider the best career on the planet.

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