Business Alchemy Marketing Mentorship

BAMM! is a 12 week, Online, Comprehensive, Soul Centered Marketing Program for Artists, Culture Makers, Mentors and Coaches. In BAMM! You Will Synergize Your Story, Message, Positioning and Systems Into a Congruent Business Model That Leads You on a Clear Path Forward.

Make Art. Make Impact. Make Money.

Are you a gifted coach, healer, artist or entrepreneur, but live in overwhelm juggling time and money?

Do you create amazing transformational experiences for your clients, yet struggle to build a consistent and reliable income?

Are you able to pull money out of thin air when you need to, but your nervous system pays too high a price to do this on an ongoing basis for your business model?

Are you constantly anxious about where the next clients will arrive from?

Do you struggle with the starving artist mindset and have a tough time believing that you can ever make sustainable income through your profound gifts?

Is all your time eaten up seeing client after client just to get by, and are you losing your connection to your writing, music, or performing art?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I used to be like you…

I was, for a long time actually, until I veered off the artists way and did a deep dive to learn systems, structure and business skills so that my life could become sustainable and genuinely abundant. Now, my gifted clients (generally artists/writers/ coaches and other deep creatives) can learn and apply my process to create story and soul-based businesses that thrive, so they also have time, resources and focus to create their own more significant artistic projects. BAMM! (Business Alchemy Marketing Mentorship) is designed to be a Radical Breakthrough for my creative yet struggling clients. BAMM! is a 12-week online Soul Centered Comprehensive Program for Artists, Musicians, Authors, Coaches and Mentors to Synergize Story, Message, and Structures into a Congruent Business Model with a Clear Path Forward.

The Challenge

Take an art and soul-centered business, with inconsistent income and minimal marketing plan and turn it into a low to mid-six-figure business without compromising its integrity.

The Upshot

An intimate group of creative business owners/entrepreneurs will meet with Tanya and her team of exceptional fellow story coaches and virtual assistants, online for twelve weeks to brand/re-brand your business and position it through authentic expression and story for as much success as you can imagine

Your Job

Your job is to be present, implement the modules, show up to the coaching calls, be willing to shift your mindset about what is possible and most importantly, receive real support. You will be taught each module via videos and documents to take you step by step through the process. Our coaching calls are in an inquiry-based teaching style once a week. You will have access to everything 24/7 online, receive feedback on your writing and get individualized support to help you apply everything directly to your business so that you can gain momentum and see results by the time the program is ending. You will also have structures and a plan in place to send you confidently on your way!

The Units

1. Your Relational (Brand) Story

2. Messaging and Positioning

3. Your Ideal Clients: How to find them, how to speak to them

4. Team and Tribe: Smashing the “lone wolf” model of the entrepreneur

5. Connections, relationships, and sales calls


6. Your CORE offering

7. Copy for Your Website and Sales Page

8. Structure and Planning 12-18 Months OUT

9. The Presence and Energetics for Abundance

10. Practice and Integration


This workshop is for creative and service-based coaches, authors, artists and other deep creatives who are tired of struggling financially. If you are worn down by the lack of tangible, income producing solutions from local coaches/incubators/consultants or online coaching that does not get down to the nitty-gritty details and how to implement them, this workshop is for you.

Tanya’s Business Evolution Story:

I believe very strongly in the idea that “place” influences how we act and how we live. Here in New Mexico, the land of perfect sunsets, desert rain and green chiles, our local entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and artists are some of the most exceptional in the world. However, part of the collective culture in this little bubble is that most artists, coaches, and healers who are based here are not making income in a way that is commensurate with their gifts. I always made a living, even reaching six figures, but I needed to get out of my cocoon in the last eighteen months and find people who were creating the kind of sustainable financial success that I wanted. Plus, I wanted this to integrate with my artistic passion for writing and performing solo shows. Sooo……I got out of the bubble and struck out on a quest. From hiring my coaches and mentors in Maine, LA and the Bay Area, to attending hot shot workshops where I realized that I was more capable than the facilitators, but they had better marketing and positioning structures in place than I did, I was on my way!! If you are still struggling to pay the bills even though you know your gifts are much more significant than many others who enjoy more worldly success, here’s what I want to say to you: You don’t have a talent issue (so stop focusing there!) You have a marketing issue. You likely may also have a mindset and story issue. You definitely have a systems issue!! It’s time to turn this around, once and for all, and THRIVE, economically as well as spiritually and artistically. I have learned how to thrive wherever I live, economically and now want to support other deep creatives, artists of all mediums, and conscious entrepreneurs how to do the same. What I teach you is how to do this by claiming and sharing your most profound stories. You will achieve the desired results by getting actual systems in place (this is not as scary as it sounds…..95% of the most gifted creatives resist this!) And, we will do this by implementing simple, yet thorough business models that extend our hands and hearts all over the world. My clients fly to Santa Fe to work with me from the UK, Australia, Canada and all over the States. They also work online with me from all over the U.S. and abroad. And, there are plenty of folks I serve right here in my hometown. I want you to be able to serve on this scale, as well. If you’re ready, I’m here.

Online Program Limited to 15 Participants

Business Alchemy Marketing Mentorship

Program Limited to 15 Participants