You're an artist, an Iconoclast, a rebel, a free spirit...

You are on a mission, yours is a life of purpose, and you want to take that further.

You want to be faithful to the calling of your soul. You’re an artist, a visionary entrepreneur, an author, or creative coach of some kind. You mentor clients and do extremely transformational work. But, as a creative, you’re not sure how to market yourself so that your income matches your expertise. You still feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall when it comes to speaking to your ideal clients and seeing what sticks. You wake up every morning with anxiety. You check your phone, your e-mail, your social media accounts to see if you have any prospects. This is an unsustainable way to live, but you don’t know how to get out of the cycle.


I get it, I was once like you, as a writer, performer and deep creative, I struggled with how to pull my life’s work together. I struggled until I went on my quest, in 2014, to find the right guidance to pull together stories, structures, and systems (what I refer to as The Grand Trine.) Once I did this, I tripled my income, created ease and grace in my business and was able to create space to work on my own more significant creative projects.


Let me tell you; I wish I had learned what I know now, twenty years earlier. I pulled everything together with several high-powered mentors and coaches myself. I learned what I did not know, and now, I work with other highly gifted artists, coaches, and visionaries, to help them pull together all the pieces of their business and life with congruence so they can thrive. The work is as much behind the scenes work as it is front of the house work.


First, we leverage you via systems/stories/structure then we work on the second piece for sustainability and wealth dynamics energetics, visibility, and consistency. We work on the Double Grand Trine Process to set you up for lasting success. I’ve poured everything I’ve learned into these ninety day and one-year mentorships with my team and me.


My work with others is a calling and a devotion. If you are finally ready to lay down the struggle, I am here to support your success so that you can express, serve and impact others at the highest level, creatively. I am also here to make sure that you charge your worth, create offers that sell, lead with a brand that can change the consciousness of the world and bring you financial and emotional blessings, beyond your wildest dreams.


It doesn’t matter where you are in the actual process.

You’re Here Now

You know that you are destined to go all the way in whatever you do, no matter the cost.

You’re a restless and wildly creative spirit with a huge offering inside of you, and you are not going to be satisfied until you are living a life that surpasses your dreams.

You love people, you’re deeply creative, and you love the planet we live on.

You’re an adventurer of the soul. You’re here to play big and rest deeply, knowing that the life you are living is a manifestation of your deepest, most authentic “you.”

You long to work and play at your highest level and you know that you can thrive within the right structures. But they cannot be rigid structures, and they must be true to who you are and how you express yourself.

You want to create meaning in all you do and generate prosperity while doing it.

You want a depth-based lifestyle business, where you can titrate clients and family, travel and work on your own creative projects on your own timetable.

You are seriously “over” bootstrapping. You are done learning “the hard way.”

Maybe you haven’t been sure what you’re looking for, but you’ve intuited that it’s out there. You are looking for a process that is not piecemeal, you’ve been there, done that, and you’ve hired overpriced coaches who don’t deliver.

You get their advice, and then you’re left once again, unmotivated and overwhelmed, on your own trying to figure it out.

Launch a new business. Write a book. Come up with a talk. Get your online services pulled together and perfectly marketed.

In 2014, I began a process of searching for ways to up-level my own business. My burning desire was to become financially free so that I could get back to writing and performing my shows with more regularity.

I hired three different business coaches, each one for a very different reason. I invested in a team for the first time, during that year, I made six figures for the first time, and It’s been a journey upwards ever since. 

Now, my most popular offering is my creative business marketing program, BAMM! (Business Acceleration Marketing Mastery!) It’s an incredibly comprehensive online program to support artists and deep creatives of all kinds, leverage their art to create services that sell, and get business structures in place so they can financially thrive for the long haul. 

All the while, fulfilling their bigger artistic ambition as well as having time for travel, relationships, self-care, and JOY! 

It took me a long time to pull together all my passions into a cohesive offering, while still being me. 

I have learned how, and I’d love to teach you how to as well.

In addition to my BAMM! program, I also lead a year-long online leadership program, Quantum Momentum, and teach a few memoir and solo performance intensives throughout the year, generally in Santa Fe.

Many coaches and gurus
offer advice.

Very, very few, if any, offer the hands-on, co-creative support to guide you step by step entirely through the process to completion. Very few also provide the curriculum.

As well as my coaching/mentorship calls, I offer a library of videos and PDF’s as a reference for you in every aspect of business that you need to understand and master. This is yours forever when you come into one of my business mastery programs, one on one or in a group.

Among my long-term clients, I am known as “the completion coach.” I am deeply and firmly rooted in lasting transformation, financial sustainability, and creative completion. Therefore, I am a book mentor as well as a business coach. I go the distance.
At the end of the day, I make sure that projects get completed.

Story and creativity are elusive gifts, they are always in flux, but ultimately, it is essential that we make choices and create structures and systems, let go of perfectionism, and receive grounded and specific mentorship so that our businesses and projects are rooted in the world. We can serve and share our purpose and offering with others at our highest capacity while actualizing our own souls’ purpose.

Additionally, the completion and long-term sustainability of a high income generating creative, service-based business, creates room for more artistic dreams to manifest…Like books, talks, solo shows or other life-fulfilling projects.

The more stable our business, the more we create. The more we create, the more we up-level our own consciousness and the consciousness of the planet. Also, the more we create and complete, the more joyful our lives become.

Who is Tanya?

Tanya has been a story-based business mentor and coach for artists and deep creatives for many years. After working with hundreds of writers, actors, musicians, and other deep creatives to write and perform their solo shows, memoirs and talks, she realized that most of them had no idea how to leverage their incredible gifts into a financially sustainable creative business. She knew how frustrating this had been for her before she got structures, systems, and support in place to allow her to break the “Starving Artist Myth” and offer her creative services and writing as a real business.


Once she hit six figures four years in a row, she up-leveled her marketing strategies and since then has tripled her income. She now specializes in helping other creatives and coaches who are struggling, do the same. At heart, her approach is holistic, intimate and soul/story based. Her vision is to support people in being uniquely and transparently themselves. This is how genuine brands are built, through gifting each other with our authentic, vulnerable selves and creating all our services and offerings from that true place.

Tanya’s work has been featured in Oprah Magazine, on NPR, in Spirituality and Health and on the CBS Early Show. Her book, The Cancer Monologue Project, was endorsed early in her career by the likes of high profile spiritual leaders, writers and performers including Marianne Williamson, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Rachel Naomi Remen and her mentor, the late Spalding Gray. She has taught solo performance at intimate retreats with creativity/writing gurus, Anne Lamott, Julia Cameron, and Natalie Goldberg.

The most recent solo show she directed, Cidny Bullens’ Somewhere Between: Not an Ordinary Life, has toured nationally to amazing reviews all over the country and was endorsed by Sir Elton John. She frequently partners on memoir consulting with the wildly gifted Alice Anderson. Her memoir, “SkolioGirl: A Tale of Non-Binary Desires,” is to be released in 2019.

The One Year Turn Key Business Mentorship

This is the most comprehensive, story/creative business package that I offer. With this program, you will brand and launch (or re-brand) your on and offline business, have a beautiful new website and complete brand identity.

You will have services that sell clients as well as an ongoing marketing plan in place. This foundational yet expansive mentorship will de-mystify and clarify all the issues that deep creatives struggle with including, “How do I design programs that sell and attract clients who will pay me my worth?” and “How do I create content and copy that sells without selling my empathic, sensitive soul” and “How can I create my own art, while running a thriving business that serves others?”

My Double Grand Trine Process, SSS (Stories/Structures and Systems) PLUS EVC (Energetic Retrieval, Visibility, Consistency) is not only a foundation for your business but a process that will hold you in golden manifestation container for decades to come.

The process of building your business will unfold organically, yet systematically through a series of steps. First, we will work on your brand story, messaging, positioning, vision, and mission. Then we will create a short-term and long-term strategic plan: It’s essential to create a “larger than yourself” vision as well as clear intentions you are working on now.

In our sessions, you will answer the questions such as “What do I want my life and business to look like in the next year and the next three-five years?” “How much income do I want to make and what will be my action steps to arrive there?”
We will then begin to create a strategy, including designing your offerings, your social media plan addresses fundamental energetic shifting and visibility issues so that you can show up in a relevant, relational and consistent way for yourself and your clients.

Next, we will create the brand story and online look of your vision with the help of designers and assistants on my team. We will work together with members of my team to create a logo, brand story, services page and design a new website. We will also work together on building a social media look and presence geared toward ongoing marketing.

The third step is to build the actual online business and offline business. This is the technical part, with web design, sales pages, your offerings to clients, event registration, digital courses, videos, blogs, and marketing/ads. Basically, it’s all aspects of the business you want to create being developed online while creating a deep root system offline as well. This will cover all aspects of your business, so you are set to fly and thrive professionally.

This program includes Tanya’s online BAMM (Business Alchemy Mastery Mentorship) program, 3 half days throughout the year with Tanya (live or online), two monthly calls with her, two calls with her team members for technical and implementation support.

Book a call with Tanya:

I am here to support you each step of the way!

My mission is to help you grow your brand and visibility as a professional story coach, serving others and generating wealth. Together, we can transform and clarify your message, design your business, plan your platforms, create your services, and also project manage the many detailed steps needed to bring it all together.

Three Month Professional Creative Marketing Program (BAMM)

The Three-Month Professional Coaching Program with Tanya is ideal for clients who are already underway with their story/creative based coaching business. If you have a service-based business, coach or mentor, and are struggling with finding your ideal clients (or enough clients!), writing sales copy, creating programs and content that is magnetizing as well as sales funnels, likely, this program will be an excellent match for you.

I use the same Double Grand Trine Process SSS (Stories/Systems and Structures) + EVC (Energetic Retrieval, Visibility Breakthrough, and Consistency) that I use in my one-year program.
This package will support you in moving your business forward, creating offerings that sell, knowing what content to focus on and getting it in front of ideal clients, and getting systems in place so you are genuinely, deeply supported and out of the lone wolf scarcity model that keeps you exhausted and hustling all the time. My process demystifies the business of serving and retaining your ideal clients. This process includes a comprehensive online course with videos and pdf on all the topics in BAMM (Business Alchemy Mastery Mentorship) and includes two calls with Tanya monthly and one call with one of her assistants for tech support/implementation.

Book a call with Tanya:

Tanya is a dynamo! She understands story as a mechanism for soul growth and has a willingness to coach outside-the-box. Her methods allow for an organic process to unfold, which I value greatly as I develop my own coaching business.


At the 2014 Black Mesa writing conference in Santa Fe, Tanya stood before the group and asked us, “How many of you have unfinished projects?” I and dozens of other women raised our hands. What she said next struck me to my core. “When you abandon your projects, you abandon yourselves.” As someone who had been abandoned as as child, those words moved me. After the conference those words stayed with me and I knew I had to connect with this woman who had uttered such a profound truth.


Under her direction, I would write and perform a one woman show and go on to work with Tanya to develop my own story coaching business. That was a huge breakthrough in my life and gave me the confidence to share what I learned with others.


Tanya is a steady compass that holds me to my deepest dreams. When I want to abandon myself, Tanya is there to hold my feet on the ground. She is a safe space for me to push through it all.

This is not a cookie cutter business plan. Tanya is committed to developing your own unique business and vision. She will help you develop a business that not only makes money but helps people and changes the world for the better. Working with Tanya is a blessing and valuable investment.