The Conjure Retreat

A 90 Day Leap Into Shape-Shifting Your Business

Join us for 5 magical days in Santa Fe, New Mexico…

Book-ended by 3 high-impact months of coaching, accountability and support to help you create more space, meaning and FLOW —  in your life, work, and everywhere in between.


April 29 – May 3, 2019

You’ve worked your beautiful butt off to build a business that has all the outer trappings of “success”…

Your bills are paid. Your family is fed. The days of constantly worrying about where your next dollar is coming from are over (even if the memories are still fresh).

You’re building a reputation for yourself, and your clients are experiencing real change. In short? You know your shit. And people are catching on.

You know how to make things happen… most of the time. You’re scrappy, resourceful, and you figure things out.

And yet…


(The fact that you’re working 10-12 hours a day *might*  have something to do with that.)

Holler if any of this rings a bell…


↣ Your business has traction, but it doesn’t FEEL how you want it to.

Each day is like a hamster wheel — you’re sweaty and exhausted, yet somehow in the SAME PLACE you started that morning.
 And taking time off? It causes so much guilt that it doesn’t feel worth it anyway.

↣ You wish you could be more present with the people you care about.

But you struggle to put down the phone, shut the laptop, and listen to your kid’s story. Last time you carved out time for a long lunch with a friend? (“Does last year count?”) Date night? (“What, now?”). Yeah…

↣ You’ve forgotten what it feels like to take time for yourself.

You’re not having juicy (or any) sex with your partner, OR yourself.
 Yoga class? Meditation? Time to read a good book? Not happening. A week off,  just because? (Er… how are you supposed to make THAT happen?)

↣ Business feels HARD and making progress is like moving through molasses.

You want to be bolder, more visible, more YOU… but you’re stuck over-giving like Santa on steroids, and frankly, you’re undercharging for the value of what you’re offering.

↣ Life feels HEAVIER than the vision you had for yourself.

You daydream of a future where your days feel more magical, spontaneous, and grounded in purpose. Someday, you’ll write your own book, and find time for those meaningful creative projects that really light you up.

You’re waiting for a shift to happen…

Because someday, you’ll have more vitality, more “fuck yes” on Monday mornings, and on every other day of the week too.

But until then… you’ve got email and clients and errands and to-do lists to tend to.
(Oh, inbox-zero, wherefore art thou? 🌹)


In short, you’re


↣ More meaningful work on your terms, less undercharging for your gifts and saying “yes” to things you don’t want to do because you’re afraid to let people down.

↣ More connection with your intuition and higher self, less marching to the beat of someone else’s drum and following rules from biz-guru’s that make you feel shitty.

↣ More trailblazing your own path in business and in life… and WAY LESS waiting for permission from others to do the things that excite and inspire you.

 Also, let’s be real:


You just need a mother-truckin’ break.


Because your business fairy godmothers are here to help you make it happen →

Hey, Gorgeous!


We’re Britt and Tanya, business coaches for deep creatives, artists, writers, sacred rebels and badass spiritual entrepreneurs, and…

We. Feel. Your. Pain.

We’ve been there, done it all, and bought the crappy t-shirt.

When we both started our own messy, beautiful entrepreneurial journeys, the ride was pretty bumpy.

We were both single mamas, supporting our daughters by any means necessary. So we both understand that, in business, there is a time for hustle.

After all, being able to utilize your own power to take care of business and manifest results is an important step on your path to true sovereignty.


If you aren’t on the path of turning that hustle into sustainable success, by alchemizing your unique story and brilliances and putting essential systems and structures into place…

(With more than a little bit of ritual, magic and intuition thrown in)…

Then you’re likely to live in struggle longer than necessary

… INSTEAD of taking that quantum leap into sustainability and sovereignty in business (AKA →  the polar opposite of burning yourself out and creating a business that walks all over you.)

If you’re searching for…

The tools you need to connect to your inner wisdom, strength, and feminine power so you can ROCK every corner of your business — from income, to owning to your time, and everything in between…

 More magic, mysticism, and a connection to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your business and life…

 Dedicated space to reflect on what you want, and the structure you need to create an achievable plan for how you’ll make it happen…

 Gentle accountability, support and expert coaching to help you when you falter, and guide you when you feel stuck…

 A connection to a powerful, live-giving community of women who see you, hear you and can’t wait to cheer you on…

Then this is your official invitation to join us at..

The CONJURE Retreat

5 magical days to reinvent + re-align your business with us in Santa Fe, New Mexico…

Book-ended by 3 high-impact months of coaching, accountability and support to help you create more space, meaning and FLOW —  in your life, work, and everywhere in between.


April 29 – May 3, 2019

If you’re wondering why we chose to hold CONJURE in vibrant, rustic Santa Fe — the cultural and historical center of the Southwest…

Santa Fe is said to be a Spiritual Vortex:


 A sacred location that is energetically aligned to attract mystical and healing energies…offering a bridge between the mundane and higher worlds.

(Many life-changing awakenings have happened in Santa Fe — they don’t call it The Land of Enchantment for nothin’, after all.)

With its earthy adobe buildings and rich cultural scene, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the vast Sangre de Cristo Mountains…

Sante Fe is the PERFECT place to disconnect from the day-to-day craziness of life and tap into something greater and wiser than the “react and respond” impulses we’ve so finely honed as business owners.

Our 5 days together in Santa Fe will be the GATEWAY to your business breakthrough.

(And we haven’t even got to the part where we explain the 90-days of coaching and support you’ll receive before and after the retreat. More on that soon.)

In case you were wondering…

This ain’t your average cookie-cutter biz retreat at The Regent where you show up, take your seat in the back row, quietly take your notes and leave.


5 powerful, immersive days spent focusing on YOU, and casting a vision for how you want your business to look and feel for the next 12 months…

… Punctuated with plenty of space to reflect, recalibrate, and reconnect with your intentions, true purpose, and what REALLY lights your fire…

Weaving in plenty of time to explore the city’s ancient pueblos, historic spiritual grounds and sacred ruins from centuries past…

Candy-floss sunsets and nights spent looking up at vast starry skies…

Taking a dip in the restorative hot springs and letting the stress and tension of the past year wash away…






Losing yourself in awe-inspiring nature and connecting with something bigger than your inbox…

Building deep connections with like-minded, fired-up women who want to see + help you succeed…

All wrapped up in a FULL 90 days of “surround-sound” support from your new biz buddies, direct access to Britt and Tanya, AND access to our teams, to make sure you turn those breakthroughs into ACTION…

It’s nothing short of life-affirming. Biz-transforming. Abso-freakin-lutely MAGICAL.

Are you ready for your quantum leap?





Say hello to your schedule for 5 magical days with us in Santa Fe,

from April 29 – May 3, 2019…

Our time together will look a little like this each day…

A healthy continental breakfast together, overlooking the Sandia Mountains to the South.

Morning Session

Lunch: either a catered, working lunch (our treat- local, health-conscious provider), or your own time to get lunch in town

Afternoon Session (setting – Tanya’s studio)

Evenings rituals, alone time to reflect or hang together as a group. 

But don’t worry, it’s not all about R&R…

We’ve got important work to do during our time together.

That’s why we’ve created a powerful container (or, a magical cauldron…) with the structure and guidance you need to create real change in your life and business.

The CONJURE experience is rooted in

The 5 Pillars of Personal and Business Sovereignty:

Pillar 1


Pillar 2


Pillar 3


Pillar 4


Pillar 5


Our Sovereignty System is about helping you step up into a leadership role in your business that is fully aligned with your unique gifts, talents, vision and values.

No more hustling just cuz Gary Vee said so. No more running yourself ragged with masculine energy and a bag of douchey tactics the from the latest guru on the block.

When you have SOVEREIGNTY, you lead from a place of grounded, feminine, powerful intuition and wisdom.

Screw permission. Screw approval. Screw playing by the rules.

(And while we’re at it, screw the patriarchy too.)

Here’s how it breaks down over our time together…

Day 1:

Up-leveling Your Income With Aligned Brand

  • Get crystal clear on your vision, mission and unique story
  • Demystify authentic, story-based communication to book yourself solid and create predictable, sustainable income
  • Ensure your offerings are aligned and refine them for your ideal clients so that you stop over-giving and undercharging

Day 2:

The Crown & Your Biz

  • Take a pulse of your business and see where you are out of your power/sovereignty with your core relationships
  • Where do you need to make shifts with your clients, team, finances, self-care, partner, boundaries and more? Where do you need to learn to lead better?
  • Develop a clear game plan to reclaim your time, energy and focus and bring your relationships with others and yourself back into balance
  • Evening ritual in the magical desert: stepping into your crown 

Day 3:

Solidify Your Systems, Structures And Processes For Success

  • Tangible advice on how to stay in your unique zone of genius, and how to delegate in a way that ensures the work gets done (and done well)
  • How to set priorities and build effective systems, processes and structures that support them (and, how all of the moving pieces fit together)
  • Plan how you’ll break through to a new level of success without compromising your energy, self-care, or wellbeing

 Day 4:

Sky-rocket Your Visibility And Get Comfortable With Being Seen:

  • Learn how to create highly relevant content that grows your community, visibility and expert status
  • How to use your life language to deliver value across ALL of your online and social communication platforms, without spending hours creating new content from scratch
  • Review and refine your sales process, and kick down mindset blocks that are limiting your earning potential and keeping you stuck in a cycle of burnout and overwork
  • Evening ritual in a magical candle-lit cauldron space: stepping into visibility without fear

Day 5:

Consolidating and Taking Empowered Action

  • Celebrate the wins you’ve experienced this week with a relaxed “state of the union” review over breakfast
  • We’ll turn the breakthroughs, insights and ah-ha’s from our time together into concrete, step-by-step blueprints to put into action when you’re home (instead of leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin)
  • Ensure your support systems are prepared to keep you on track and motivated, and identify areas where you’ll need extra resources and support to make sure you succeed
  • Evening dinner together out on the town – our treat!


CONJURE isn’t really a 5-day business retreat…

Although we’ll be spending 5 incredible days together in Santa Fe…

CONJURE is really a 90-day Quantum Leap… where you’ll receive FULL surround-sound support from Britt, Tanya and our teams in the lead-up to and the aftermath of the retreat.

Because the real transformation happens when we help you set the scene BEFORE we met in Santa Fe… and it lies in the action steps we’ll support you in taking after you arrive back home.

(So, in a magic-infused nutshell: we’re NOT going to let you fail. And we’re deeply invested in seeing you create real, lasting change.)

That’s precisely why your seat at CONJURE also includes…

↣ PRIVATE, individual sessions with our support team (who are going to turn their brilliance and expert eyes towards YOUR biz)… from systems and organization, to branding, messaging, copywriting, mastering your online presence and MORE…

↣ Private assessment and planning time with two EXPERTS (that’s us!) who have built joy-filled, highly profitable passion-fueled businesses, and can now show YOU hot to do it, too…

↣ An intimate, virtual planning retreat BEFORE we meet in Santa Fe to get your ducks all lined up and sitting pretty in a row for the next year…

A FULL 90-days of troubleshooting, guidance and pre/post-retreat support from Britt and Tanya via phone, voxer, and video conferencing…

↣ And TONS more goodies that we’re working out the details on right now.


Suffice to say — you’ve never seen support like this before…

Even in retreats and business programs 10x the price.

Where could you be with the focused, personalized, expert support you need to CONJURE the life and business you’ve dreamed of?

After our 90 days together, you’ll be livin’ it up with…

  • Planning chunks of time to work easily ON your business. We’ll help you create a personalized time management toolkit for true productivity – so you have the SPACE to delegate effectively, and leverage support to work smarter, not harder (#downwithhustle).
  • An understanding of how to strategically create dependable, predictable income — doing the work that TRULY lights you up — so that you can more easily predict your income and plan around it.
  • Built-in, consistent time off for rest, relaxation, and nurturing other passions in your life. No need to choose success OVER happiness, self-care, and your creative projects that bring you joy.
  • A new-found connection with your vision, purpose, and story: the very fuel that motivates you and stokes your passion (other people sense this too — and when your actions align with your deep-hearted vision, you’ll be able to move mountains).
  • Hardcore, concrete structures and systems in place that buy you peace and time — to help you step out of the exhaustion of always being “on” (and running on nothing but masculine “go, go, go” energy and fumes), so you can find more flow in your role as the creative visionary and true leader of your business.

Tools to build your biz through practical magic and intuition, along with real skills to manifest the change you want to see for the world (and for yourself).

Are You In?

ONLY 12 Spots Available!


Your investment in the CONJURE Retreat: is $5000 if paid in full. Payment plans are available, to be paid in full by March 1st, 2019.


If you’re interested in CONJURE, reach out via the buttons on this page PRONTO, because we’re screening all applicants for a perfect fit. This is a small, intimate group of a like-minded women — and we want to make sure this is a smart spend of your time and money.

Once the 12 spaces are filled, we will close applications and begin a waitlist. Move fast!

Speak to BrittSpeak to Tanya

Your Next Steps:


Use the buttons on this page to apply for a call with either Britt or Tanya (links are below) to discuss taking a spot in the retreat.


When you commit we’ll take your credit card for either one payment of $5,000 or set up 3 payments of $1,667 to be paid in full by March 1st, 2019.


If you are committed by January 1st, we will send you our private booking links for a BONUS 60 minute call with each of us, to take place before March 15th.

As a reminder, when you say YES to CONJURE, you’ll get…

↣ 5 day/4 night in-person retreat in Sante Fe, New Mexico (April 29 – May 3, 2019) with 2 catered, working lunches and a last night dinner out on the town. (Lodging not included- but we’ll give you some highly recommended places to stay close by.)

↣ A pre-retreat planning and blueprinting virtual workshop to get CRYSTAL clear on your year ahead and how to create the time you want- with personal hand-holding to reverse engineer your plans backwards from the goal you WANT to bring to life.

↣ A FULL 90 days accountability, coaching and support, with direct access to Britt and Tanya, before, after, and during our  in-person time together, along with referrals and resources for ongoing support.

↣  Back-up support and private sessions with experts we use and hire inside our own businesses, including a client care professional, conversion copywriter, a branding expert, a social media expert, a systems and organization expert….can you say, “surround-sound support?”

↣   Early-bird EXTRA: bonus 60-minute private coaching sessions with Britt and Tanya.

So, whom would you like to speak to?

Britt Bolnick

Britt Bolnick is a successful business owner living a life she loves in Maine. She has traveled a path from financial scarcity to financial independence, building a 6-figure business she loves, as a single mama​ working less than full-time.

Britt mentors women who are 100% committed to building thriving businesses that create wealth without compromising personal life OR sanity- teaching women to use authentic connections to build success, vs. high ad spend and common marketing hype.

Fun fact:  ​She’s used her tried and true magic time-management tools to start a non-profit pit bull rescue while also running her business, having three days off a week, and being an avid book-reader and beach-walker.

Find Britt at In Arms Coaching or in her free membership group, Tribe of Sacred Rebels.

What Women Are Saying About Britt…

“In the past it has been hard for me to part with money to invest in a coach because I didn’t understand the value. And the lesson I’ve learned is that in working with Britt, the money will come back tenfold.” – Jen Dean, photographer and podcast owner
The biggest struggle in my business was a lack of focus. I was flitting from social media platform to social media platform, battling to figure out which one would work best for my business.

I would say yes to a client one day and resent my decision the next. All this had an adverse impact on my income. It was unpredictable at best. I wanted it all to stop.

And instead, I wanted to believe in both myself and my business. I wanted to have a structure that I could follow. A method to trust. And to finally feel like I was in control of my business (not the other way around).

Britt handed me the tools I needed to make that happen.

Together, we mapped out a blueprint for the next six months in my business, and the next twelve months of my life. I made a decision on who my ideal client would be and how I could best serve them.  From there, I figured out where social media would fit in and how I would put myself and my potential clients in the same room so that we could have a conversation. 

The biggest thing is that we started with my personal life. Britt showed me how to schedule time for fun, self-care and business, so that I was doing all of it (without feeling like any part of my life wasn’t being nurtured).

The concrete results I experienced:

– 2 monthly retainer clients that cover my bills (because I approached the ‘sales’ conversation from the heart and with authenticity)

– I moved from Paris to Barcelona without losing my mind, and my business kept running

–  A weekly structure I can follow, and adapt, that means I know exactly what I’ll be doing week in, week out, to serve my clients and grow my business

-Razwana, copywriter at The Write Life

“If my business keeps growing the way it is, I’m going to retire my husband by the end of the year.” -Corin, energy healer, equine and human

Tanya Rubinstein

Tanya is a writer, book mentor, and story based business coach for deep creatives. She lives a life of purpose and magic in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her work has been featured on ABC, CBS, and in “O” the Oprah magazine, among many other places. You can read about her at and at  

Aligned with my deeper vision and mission, and equipped with the skill set to run a successful biz as a right-brained creative, I began to thrive⎯as both a working artist and a six figure-making boss of my own life and creative business.

What Women Are Saying About Tanya…

“For years, I’ve longed to create a joyful, prosperous, impactful, and sustainable mentoring practice. With Tanya’s brilliant entrepreneurial know-how, integrity, enthusiasm, and intuition, I’m finally turning my vague idea into an exciting reality”

-Ericka Lutz, Author and Book Mentor

“Tanya helped me pull all of the seemingly disparate threads of my experience, knowledge and expertise into a coherent vision and actionable plan and for a mission-based business with integrity.  ”

-Marsha Pincus, Writing Mentor

“Tanya understands the struggles of those of us who are right-brain, heart-centered creatives; she knows that we love our work while we are ambivalent (at best) about promoting it. She’s given me the structures and step-by-step tools with which to share my body of work with a larger audience.”

-Luisa Kolker MA LPCC, Shamanic Soul Guide & Psychotherapist

“I’ve worked with Tanya  one on one and in a group of creative business women. Working with her is like having a companion/guide sitting at the fire of on’es own creation. She knows what wood to throw on to crank up the heat. Her magical powers are looking into the flickering flames and visioning what  tool, structure or piece of knowledge is needed. She’s able to guide a client until their fire comes into its own steadiness and sustainability. She knows (the) fire (of creation) is sacred.”

-Rose Gagne, soul activist and earth wisdom teacher 8/10/18



Bonus Sessions with Britt and Tanya ($1000 value) 

When we receive your commitment by January 1st, 2019,

you’ll get two PRIVATE, 60-minute coaching sessions: one with Britt, and one with Tanya.


CONJURE isn’t a great fit for you IF:



The Retreat:

How long is the retreat and when is it?

The retreat is 5 days/4 nights, and held in magical Santa Fe.

How many spots are available?

We are capping enrollment for this retreat at 12 women.

Where will the retreat be held?

Tanya’s studio in Santa Fe- her “cauldron” space for many successful artists, writers, and highly successful business women.

Can you remind me what will be included again?

Sure! Here’s what you get when you say YES to CONJURE…


5 day/4 night in-person retreat in Sante Fe, New Mexico (April 29 – May 3, 2019) with 2 catered, working lunches and a last night dinner out on the town.

A pre-retreat planning and blueprinting virtual workshop to get CRYSTAL clear on your year ahead and how to create the time you want- with personal hand-holding to reverse engineer your plans backwards from the goal you WANT to bring to life.

↣ A FULL 90 days accountability, coaching and support, with direct access to Britt and Tanya, before, after, and during our  in-person time together, along with referrals and resources for ongoing support.

↣  Back-up support and private sessions with experts we use and hire inside our own businesses, including a client care professional, conversion copywriter, a branding expert, a social media expert, a systems and organization expert….can you say, “surround-sound support?”

↣   Early-bird EXTRA: bonus 60-minute private coaching sessions with Britt and Tanya.

What is not included in the retreat?

Travel to Santa Fe, lodging for your time there, anything we didn’t mention above (meals other than the ones we’re feeding you, transportation, etc)

Will I have free time?

Yes! We know that we’re going to be giving you a LOT of content and stretching you, growth-wise. We believe that you’ll need down time to rest, process, and incubate the energy of the retreat, during the retreat.

Do you cater to different dietary requirements?

We can provide vegetarian options, as well as GF catered from local organic restaurants and Whole Foods catering. If you have restrictions other than those, please make them known to us when you register.

The Logistics:

Can my partner/friend attend the retreat with me?

Absolutely, and they’ll need to go through the same process- book a call with one of us and apply to attend. We do not give discounted rates for couples, though, as we’ve already priced this program at its beta price and feel it’s on the low end of the value we’re delivering.

How will we get around?

You’ll need your own transportation for getting around Santa Fe. We’ll connect those of you who want to share cars or air b&b’s.

What should I wear, pack or bring? 

Santa Fe has four seasons with 300 days of sun. Pack comfy layers for the retreat and bring a warm jacket for nights in the mountains. Bring your laptop, journal and at least 2-3 sacred objects for your personal business alter.

The Investment:

What is the cancellation/refund policy? 

No refunds will be issued unless we can fill your spot. You may get a credit for a retreat in the future (if we do one…and only for a medical emergency or death in fam.)

Is there a benefit to paying in full?

Yes! A private session with both Tanya and Britt (one each) to use anytime between Jan 1st and the end of March.

What is the price, and do you offer payment plans?

CONJURE is $5000 paid in full by January 1st, $5250 by February 15th, and $5500 by March 1st.

You can also pay in 3 payments, as long as you’re paid in full by March 1st.

When is payment due?

One payment is due to hold your spot, and the full amount must be paid in full by March 1st.

After CONJURE, the days (or weeks, or MONTHS) of getting lost in the mundane, and waiting for permission and approval will be o-v-e-r.

Instead, you’ll be bringing formidable power

and a true sense of vitality and focus to everything you do.


You’ll learn to act from a place of inner wisdom, intuition and trust, instead of waiting for a blueprint from another flash-in-the-pan biz guru who says inane crap like, “Have you thought of FB ads?” (BLERGH.)

Actual value of building a meaningful, mighty profitable and magical business on your own terms?



More TIME. More SPACE.



The only thing missing is…


Start the conversation about CONJURE with us below:

You’ll be taken to an online booking form to arrange a no-obligation 30 minute conversation

with Britt or Tanya about whether CONJURE is right for you.

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