A Free Newsletter: The Art and Soul of Story Alchemy and Inspiration

From Tanya:

Based on my decades as a Story Alchemist and Coach, working with solo performers, memoirists, brand storytellers and “regular” people with a story to tell, I share “stories about stories” in my weekly love letter to you.

Years ago, when I met my mentor, the world renowned monologist, the late Spalding Gray, my life turned upside down. Through the modeling of his intimate, taboo breaking, gritty stories, I was validated in my humanity. In writing and performing my own solo shows, I walked through my deepest fears, to my true artistry. By coaching others in their writings for the page and the stage, I’ve created a life filled with richness and purpose. By teaching others how to serve through story work and coach others, I am able to create meaningful impact in the greater world.

If you are a story lover, story teller, story coach of any kind, or intuitively are drawn to the power and possibilities of stories as a change agent for humanity, I know that you will resonate with these weekly story sharings.

I offer inspiration for you to weave more stories into your personal creative process, your story based business and/or make progress on completing your bigger creative dreams and intentions.

Through the art and soul of stories, we have power to spin lead into gold. Through writing and reframing our direct experiences, we have the possibility of impacting our lives and the lives of others around us. Through leaning in to visionary and necessary stories that challenge dominant paradigms of oppression on the planet, we claim our power to make meaningful change.

We are all storytellers. We are all culture makers. We are all dreamers.

Let’s create the world we want, by telling more inspiring stories.

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For the Love of Story,


“Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the Story Shaman. Let us not use this word lightly. What she does, better than anyone I’ve met, is weave your calling, God’s purpose, and the mundane trivialities of life into a vibrant tapestry, called Story. These stories heal, inspire and ignite in ways you never Read More…


“Tanya brings a depth of heart, knowledge, and experience unlike anything else I’ve found in the world of story. What she shares is as inspiring as it is comprehensive and has helped me fine-tune my brand, deepen my knowledge and walk away with practical tools and exercises I can use right away. Thanks, Tanya for so bravely pioneering the field of story coaching!”


“Nothing heals like the power of a true story. When someone is speaking from the inside of an event, then they are speaking from a moral and personal authority that pierces the veil of darkness. On the other side of that veil lies the light of hope, for them and everyone else.”


“There are times in your life that you want to move forward, want to step into your best self, know that if the support, do just that. The rub is that if you have done any of that and you were looking for a pot of gold at the end of it that you never found, doubting yourself, your decisions and your inner wisdom. That’s where I was when I work with Tanya. Her amazing light and love remind me of why I am here AND to trust as I the other to get my dreams in motion. I am living my best life, thanks to her guidance, insight, wisdom, and encouragement!”


“I would credit the success of my business in large part to my work with Tanya, when you work with Tanya you get at a load of practical content of the bounty of her more than 20 years in narrative based practice you’ll also get her undying commitment to your success she will hold you accountable and help you become the storyteller, the coach, or the performer that you want to be.  I can’t think of anybody who better understands the heart and soul of story-based work then Tanya Taylor Rubinstein so look you want to invest in yourself that’s when things really take off, freebies only take you so far you want people to invest in, you invest in yourself.”


May 2017

“What’s impressive is not just the coaching curriculum but the blueprint for how to start and sustain a coaching practice as an entrepreneur. These are two different skills, coaching and running a business, and Tonya has mastered them both, and she shares everything she knows.”


May 2017