Rebel, Rebel: Memoir Lab

Big news!  Alchemist of story and doula of solo shows Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and writer Alice Anderson have created a powerful, revolutionary three-month memoir intensive for people who are not only compelled to write but committed and determined to finish (and publish) a book.

See it. Write it. Publish It

A Three-Month Live and Online Intensive with Alice Anderson and Tanya Taylor Rubinstein.
Have you been trying to complete your book for years to no avail?

Have you written pages, gotten stuck, or simply stopped writing?

Have you gone to weekend retreat after retreat and come away with little more than pieces and scraps that, while meaningful and full of promise, you have no idea how to put together into a congruent manuscript?

Does structure and through line kick your ass?

Have you written a lot, but find some of your stories dry or dull when you go back and re-read?

Do you have the “big idea” for your book but don’t know how to tell the right stories to illustrate your narrative? Or do you have a stack of amazing stories, but you can’t quite find the big idea?

Do you know, in your heart of hearts and soul of souls, that you have an important story inside of you?

Walk this way, Rebel.
We’ve got you covered…

This retreat is about writing into the heart of FIRE. This retreat is about telling the WHOLE STORY. This retreat is where we combine structure and outline making with FIRE STORIES to alchemize the whole.

THIS is the retreat where you walk away with a COMPLETED FIRST DRAFT.

In THREE months.

What? Say that again? How?

By combining an online before and after component with seven days of writing like a house afire in Santa Fe with Tanya and Alice (and your fellow band of Rebels.)

As Alice says about writing a book: The story is already inside you, waiting for you to fall in love with the sound of its voice.

The live retreat at Tanya’s studio, on a dirt road outside of Santa Fe, is where you will heed that voice and put story to page. Limited to fourteen participants, the retreat will provide in-depth, daily support, private consultations on the direction your work is taking, intimacy and intensity, and the opportunity to be inspired by sharing work and hearing the work of fellow Rebels.

You will walk away—changed—with a fat stack of chapters.

The essence of the retreat will lead you through a unique Fire Story Process, which allows you to identify and utilize your most compelling origin story to center at the heart of the book. The Fire Story process will walk you through a narrative arc process that makes for a page-turning book.

There will be writing. There will be sharing. There will be deep inspiration and ongoing support. Tanya and Alice will be guiding you to success every step of the way.

There will be bonus evenings: meeting other published, high profile authors/editors who will speak about their paths to publishing; hearing Tanya and Alice talk about the essential secrets to PR, marketing, and social media.

There will be snacks and New Mexico sunsets, sharing of your work, the expansion of you Tribe of Rebels, and love.

You will walk away from these months transformed.

You will walk away with a book.

The Skinny


You will meet in an online classroom on Zoom with Tanya and Alice on Mondays at 10:00 a.m. pre-retreat. These meetings will take place on the following dates:

September 23rd

September 30th

October 7th

October 14th

You will be given instruction and support on writing your first chapter, a core fire story, that you will bring with you to begin the retreat.

You will post your work in a private Slack channel so that we can read and comment individually. This is also where we’ll make announcements and give assignments to the group.

We will also work through each of your narrative arcs of transformation to create a book outline. What are we looking for? The natural beginning/middle and end of your story, the essential turning points, the critical moments in your narrative, and a structure that propels the “plot” of your story so that it catches fire in the reader’s experience.

Find and build your story.

Find your Fire story and other touchstone stories in your manuscript.

Create your outline.

In Person

Seven Days in Santa Fe: October 21st – 27th

We will work at the studio daily (lunch included) from 10:00 to 4:00 with a new chapter due by the end of the day, every day. There will be a day off on Thursday, October 24th.

Begin each day with a short daily Fire Prompt led by Alice or Tanya. This will launch you into your daily writing. The writing you do each morning will directly correlate with the story you are telling on the page that day. We will start and end the day with Chosen Word intentions and checkouts.

Write at least one chapter a day. (You’re going to want to write more and have the freedom to do so.)

Receive support, feedback, and inspiration to keep pushing through.

And an end of the week Rebel Rebel Party.

November: Follow Up

Keeping your fire lit and continuing to completion will be a critical component of our post-retreat work.

One of the essential aspects of taking any larger creative process to completion is building on the energy of MOMENTUM.

The retreat is going to be enormously generative. You will feel energized and enlivened. Once you leave Santa Fe, we are building in structures so that you do not fall back into the lull of daily life around your writing. Rather, we want you to continue to burn.

Post-retreat, you will then be in the home sprint, the put the pedal to the medal race to and through the finish line.

As you leave the retreat, you will be assisted in making a list of your follow up tasks for the two weeks when you return to your home and lives.

For November, we will return to the comforting rhythm of our weekly calls for you to check in and move through any blocks, ask questions and receive feedback on new writing.

By this point you will be fully channeling your rebel spirit, ass-kicking, paradigm-shifting, patriarchal smashing POWER to get your message birthed and ready to present to a world that desperately needs your perspective and voice.

If you allow us to be your guides in this sacred process, we will help you finally make it over the finish line, hands in the air.

And, finally, on track and manifesting your greater purpose, your soul will exhale a deeper than before, out-breath.

Because you have accomplished what you were born to do.

We will be cheering.

We will ALL be cheering together.

Post-retreat Zoom meetings will take place on the following dates at 10:00 am MST:

November 11th

November 18th

November 25th

December 2nd

Commitment & Investment

Limited to 14 Participants

An application and phone consultation/interview is required for this retreat.

We need to see 3-5 pages first.

We want to ensure the success of all our participants. It’s essential that we speak to you to get more details about you, your intention, and your current and past relationship with writing.

You must be committed to doing the work. A chapter a day is mandatory. Depending on what you’re writing about, you may write one long chapter, several short chapters, or some combination of the two. This isn’t just “coming up with a scrap of an idea” workshopping. This is major output.

A 12 pt., double-spaced manuscript page is 250 words. Twenty pages per day is 5,000 words. Seven days of 20 pages a day is 40,000 words of new work. Depending on if you have an existing manuscript or are starting from scratch, these pages will be made up of the most compelling fire stories that are the foundation of your book. With most memoirs at major publishers averaging 70,000 words, that leaves you just a bit of room to flesh out the finish, revise existing work for your manuscript after the March Rebel Rebel sessions.

To set up a phone call with either Tanya or Alice, please email Tanya’s assistant:

If accepted, your investment: Early Bird Pricing (before March 15th) is $5,500.

After March 15th, the payment is $6,500, payment plans are available with payment in full by October 1st, 2019.

We will follow up with details about this, upon acceptance and agreement.

From Alice Anderson:

REBEL, REBEL: MEMOIR LAB starts online in January. The online component gets you fully prepared for a live, up close and personal seven days in gorgeous Santa Fe in February. Those days will be all about writing. Instead of coming away with scraps and starts of new work, you will have stacks of chapters under your belt. Finally, a follow up month of sessions will be online in March.

How long have you been writing or intending to write your book? If you’ve been struggling for years, and still not brought a manuscript to completion (because isn’t that the tricky part?), this retreat has been designed for you to have a radical, systemic breakthrough.

You’ll receive support around structure and your “centerpiece fire story” as well as comprehensive and ongoing feedback and accountability to bring forth the book within. It’s time to burn down the house of the narrative you have convinced or been trapped in what your book should be. Discover the fire stories; build anew.

You will, along with the Rebel, Rebel group of writers, rearrange your DNA and change your life entirely on the other side.

The class is limited to fourteen participants, and two slots have already been filled before we’ve even started promoting it.

Additionally, we are inviting other special guests (award winning authors you want to meet) who will be sharing their own path to completion and publication. Tanya and I will also do a bonus evening about promotion, marketing, and social media.

This is just to say that this is the comprehensive way to:

Y’all know me pretty well, but if you don’t know Tanya, let me tell you about her. For one, she is one of those folx who was an immediate soul sister…we connect so strongly (after knowing one another online for years!) I’m so excited not only to work with Tanya, but for YOU that you might take this path with her. Because this is what she does and has been doing for decades—she makes stories happen in this world. She is the founder and CEO of The Global School of Story and Soul is considered one of the world’s foremost solo performance experts as well as a memoir coach and professional story trainer. Her work has been featured in “O” The Oprah Magazine, where it was called “a gift and a necessity.”

And personally, that is what Tanya is to me.

A gift.

A necessity.

So, this is the energy that we bring to Rebel, Rebel: Memoir Lab. You will see the wide arc of your story, then find the fire stories that will propel the story to completion. I’ve done it—you can too.

From Tanya Taylor Rubinstein:

Poet and Memoirist Alice Anderson and I will be leading a purposeful and powerful three-month memoir intensive for people who are committed and determined to write and publish.

Rebel, Rebel: Memoir Lab, begins online in January. It includes an seven- day live component in Santa Fe this February, and a follow up month of sessions online in March.

If you’ve been struggling for years, and still have not completed your manuscript, this retreat has been designed for you to have a radical, systemic breakthrough.

You will receive support around structure and your “centerpiece fire story” as well as comprehensive and ongoing feedback and accountability to bring forth the book within.

(Yes, we are both book witches and mid-wives among other things)

Your life will be changed entirely on the other side.

We are limiting the class to fourteen participants, and two slots have been filled before we’ve even started promoting it.

Additionally, we have invited other surprise guests, both award winning authors, who will be sharing their own journeys to completion and publication. Alice and I will also be doing a bonus evening workshop about promoting and marketing your book.

In other words, this the comprehensive way to Get. It. Done.

As for my feelings about Alice….well, it just makes me want to cry with joy and poignancy that I have the honor to partner on this project with her.

I met Alice online seven years ago. Before I knew that she was a “big deal poet,” with three books and an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence, I knew that she was a “big deal human.”

When I read her memoir “Some Bright Morning, I’ll Fly Away”, it was confirmed to me, that I was in the presence of greatness. (If you haven’t read the book, do yourself a favor and order it today)

Privately, we have developed a connection that is magic.

That energy is creating this container. You get to step into it, get clarity, then write.

Alice always speaks about connecting writers to their fire stories first. And, she knows how. We have both worked with hundreds of writers on structure and containment for the fire, so I’d say we’re well covered.

And working with a writer of the importance of Alice in this intimate a setting…. well, it will be a dream come true, for every participant, and certainly for me.

Rebel, Rebel: Memoir Lab

Limited to 14 Participants
“Tanya and Alice create a deep, powerful vessel for memoir creation. They help you find the diamond heart of your story and fuel both the quantity and quality of your writing—in quantum time. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebel Rebel Memoir Lab.”

Christa Lancaster

“At the halfway point of Rebel Rebel, I had written over 200 pages (54,000+ words) of both quantity AND quality! Alice and Tanya are innovating a Big Bang container that is generative, sacred, expansive, and yet grounded in our words, one after the other, sparking to life on the page.”

Ella DeCastro Baron

“The irony is feeling a loss for words to describe the transformative, extraordinary experience of the REBEL REBEL MEMOIR LAB.
I’m blown away by what I was able to accomplish in three months. A whole book. Tanya and Alice are beacons of
professionalism and creative spark. I felt held and perfectly supported in a safe container throughout the whole process.
Working via Zoom and the on-site week in Santa Fe was an ideal combination that completely worked for me and my writing process.
I highly recommend the Rebel Rebel Memoir Lab. I can’t wait to have a new book idea so I can do it again.”
Lilly Bright
“If you have a book that you’re longing to birth, this is the writing lab for you. Alice and Tanya, create a sacred cavern of light, allowing one to reach into the shadows and dive deeply into the heart of creation. I have never experienced anything like this before. You will have your book at the end of three months. Their consciousness is the mantle you need to carry you forward.”
Amy Sayers
“I signed up for the Rebel Rebel Memoir Lab hoping to get traction on my book, but what I’ve experienced thus far is so much more.  Intense, challenging, productive and inspirational. The words, both written and spoken have left me in state of awe —-  a truly beautiful tribe of Rebel Sisters.”

Kimberly Boone

“At the halfway point of Rebel Rebel, I had written over 200 pages (54,000+ words) of both
quantity AND quality! Alice and Tanya are innovating a Big Bang container that is generative,
sacred, expansive, and yet grounded in our words, one after the other, sparking to life on the
page, in service of the greater Love story. Alice told me that my book is within, waiting for me to
fall in love with the sound of its voice.  Yes, yes, yes.”

Ella DeCastro Baron

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