Have you been dreaming of creating a one-person show but don’t know where to begin?


Tanya Taylor Rubinstein has worked on hundreds of solo shows that have been performed in theaters, festivals and conferences in the U.S. Europe and Canada. Actors and other creative people fly in from all over the world to work with her in her Santa Fe studio.

Finding Tanya Taylor Rubinstein to work with me was one of the greatest creative decisions of my life.  I knew I had plenty of material for my own show and a direction, but I did not have a clue how to put it all together. Tanya at once challenged, inspired, and guided me to reach for the soul of my story and develop a solo show that touches the human spirit in a way I could not possibly have done without her. Cidny Bullens

Writer of Somewhere Between: A One Wo/Man Show

What if you could finally write your show, in just 3 days?

Here’s how the Solo Performance Boot Camp works:

Fly to Santa Fe

Work with Tanya in her inspiring Santa Fe studio. There are several recommendations on where to stay based on previous clients’ happy experiences at hotels and trusted airbnb’s.

Work 1-on-1 with Tanya

After you arrive and settle into stunning Santa Fe, you’ll work intensively with Tanya in her studio, churning out the outline for your show over the course of three unforgettable days, recording the entire process as you go.

Prep show for production

The transcription of your recording is included and will get to you within two weeks. Then, you return home and collaborate with Tanya on that raw material via four Skype/phone sessions so that you have an incredible solo show script ready to go into production.

A Letter from Tanya Taylor Rubinstein 

I offer services to performers who want to write their one-person show but have no idea how to get started…

Here’s how it works: you fly out to Santa Fe and we work one-on-one in my studio, churning out material and an outline for your show in three days. Then, we work with that raw material via four Skype sessions and/or phone sessions so you have a solo show script ready to go into production.

New offering: For those who absolutely cannot manage to come to New Mexico, I now offer my Solo Performance Bootcamps exclusively on Skype from the comfort of your own home. Either way, the process itself is rich, deep and profound.

You may begin the process with just a glimmer of what you want to say. That is fine. It is my job to support you through all the way through the development of your solo show script.  I’ve developed a process to coax the most compelling stories out of you and onto the page. You will leave Santa Fe with the raw material for a script in hand. You just need to show up with your openness and your willingness to explore. You will improvise stories and characters from your life. We will also take a look at dominant and recurring themes that begin to emerge as we work together. It is an intimate, creative and life-changing process.

By committing to the Solo Performance Bootcamp, you give yourself the gift of claiming your very essence onstage.

You will be improvising, writing, brainstorming, moving and creating a show in a totally safe and supportive environment. It took me eleven years to develop this process for my first show, “Honeymoon In India,” which I wrote and performed to critical acclaim in 1995. It was my very first solo show and was named one of the Top 10 Performances of the Year by the Santa Fe Reporter.

Since then, I have worked with hundreds of actors, writers and “regular people” to refine the process of developing powerful and unique one person shows. 

Doug’s Story

 Tanya combines an impressive range of proficient theater skills with the deepest humanity for your personal story. With grace Tanya gets it, and helps you fully embody your truth so that, ultimately, the audience gets it.

Doug Vincent, Playwright and Performer “A Day for Grace” performed in NYC at Stage Left Theater, in Boulder, CO at E-Town Hall, at the Chicago Fringe Festival and in Denver at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.

Included in the Solo Performance Boot Camp

What do I get from my three days in Santa Fe?

⭐️ An initial phone/e-mail exchange where you will talk about different ideas/inspirations/visions for your show with Tanya.

⭐️ 18 hours of face-to-face time with Tanya in Santa Fe to create your one person show through improvisation, writing, and delving into your essence. (As an alternative, for those who cannot come to Santa Fe, the 18 hour intensive, done over three days can also be offered via Skype)

⭐️ Four follow up writing/phone/Skype sessions to edit your show to ready it for production.

I’m an actor. Why should I do a One-Person Show?

Are you an actor with talent and vision who has something to say? Are you tired of going to lame casting calls with 100 other people who look a lot like you? Do you want to empower both your career and validate your self as an artist who has something valuable to give to an audience and the world?It’s time to create and perform your one-person show! I did and now I make my living from writing, performing, acting, directing and producing.

Danny Hoch did it; Sarah Jones did it and was produced by Meryl Streep; Ann Randolph did it and was produced by Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. Spalding Gray and John Leguizamo did it! Julia Sweeney did it! Over one hundred of my clients have done it. You can do it too.

Why is a Solo Performance Boot Camp an excellent career investment?

This is an investment in your career. 20 years ago, you could open the New York Times and see one solo show advertised Off-Off Broadway. Now you can open the New York Times or the New Yorker and see twenty or thirty solo shows running.

People are craving authenticity and connection. Nothing offers this like solo performance. It is the most intimate and powerful theater experience one can have. Solo performance’s time has come and it is now.

New York producers have told me that other forms of theater are too high a financial risk in this economic climate. Think about it: paying one performer, instead of a large cast, while tapping into the cultural need for more intimacy and connection?

Several of my former clients, including Ann Marie Houghtailing, Gray, Doug Vincent, Cris D’Annunzio, Ramona King and Michelle Vest, have performed their shows at professional theaters, in festivals and conferences in NYC, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Toronto, Los Angeles and Santa Fe.

Don’t spend your life waiting to get “cast” It is a day that may or may not come. Create your own wonderful script based on what you care about expressing the most. You will be empowered not only as a writer and actor, but also to your own creative source! Your Life Will Never be The SAME!

Stacy’s Story

For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamt of writing and performing a solo stage show…Tanya’s  Solo Boot Camp blew away any preconceived notions I had of how I would develop a show. Tanya challenged me to dig deep and find the pearls that I have been carrying my whole life. Solo Boot Camp is playful, fun, energizing—but it doesn’t end there. Weekly check-ins with Tanya helped me shape my script and less than a year later I can now say that I have a performable, completed script. September 2011, I performed my first one-woman show and now have plans for future remounts of my production. 

Stacey Bernstein, Writer And Performer Of “Everything I Never Knew I Wanted” Performed At Toronto Fringe Festival, Edmonton Fringe Festival And Santa Fe Solo Performance Festival

I am not a trained actor. Can I do a one-person show?

In all honesty, this depends.

I have worked successfully with many writers, dancers, therapists and other creative people who have had compelling stories to tell and have written and performed it in a one-person format.

Also, I believe every person on the planet is a storyteller. This is why I offer StoryHealers shows and trainings to support “regular people” in having their voices heard.

With that said, a full-length show needs to be theatrical. You are asking an audience to stay with you for an hour plus with no one else on stage but you.

Having theatrical training is a major plus. This does not have to be formal training. I’ve worked very successfully with people who have only done improvisation or comedy. I’ve also worked well with some public speakers and writers.

If you are a naturally creative person and you know you have a compelling story to tell, then the process might be for you.

As the paradigm continues to shift, there is more and more work for solo performers outside a formal theater setting. I’ve had clients who have focused on a major issue in their shows (such as having Bipolar or being a Vietnam Veteran). Some have been hired at conferences and in other alternative venues to perform their solo shows in lieu of a professional speaker.

This is why I have an application process that includes a conversation before we agree to work together – I want to make sure you’re ready for this. It really is a case-by-case basis thing and I am more than happy to have a conversation with anyone who feels called in her heart to do the work.

I want to find out more about Solo Boot Camp. What are my next steps?

Fill out the application on this page. I will respond to you within 24 business hours to set up a time to talk.

If you have a specific question, fill out the application and please also e-mail me at TanyaTaylorRubinstein@gmail.com

My Solo Performance Bootcamp will change your life and your career forever. The best thing is for us is to have a phone conversation about it, which we will set up after your application is in.

The call is free and there’s NO obligation.

What are you waiting for?

If you have been dreaming about doing your show forever, I leave you with these questions:

⭐️ Is THIS the year you will finally write your script?

⭐️ Is this the year you will finally perform the one-person show you have been envisioning for years?

⭐️ Is this the year you will claim your full power as a solo performer?

⭐️ Do you want to keep dreaming about it, or take the steps to make it happen?

Please remember, there are only so many students I can work with in a given year, as these are one-on-one workshops. I also direct several shows a year through StoryHealers International and train others in creating their own story based businesses, so I can only work with ten to fifteen people per year on their solo shows. If you’re serious about taking back the reins of your acting career we should definitely have a conversation.

The sooner you secure your spot, the more control you’ll have over when you come to Santa Fe to work with me. In other words, you will more likely be able to cherry pick the 3-day slot that works best for your timing.

I’ll leave you with this final question… Don’t you want to re-discover why you fell in love with theater in the first place?

I did and I have fulfilled my heart’s desire following this path. It’s a path that leads you deeper into your own Self. Come to beautiful Santa Fe for 3 days to create your one-person show. I promise you that your life will get bigger than you even dreamed.

More success stories from Solo Performance Bootcamp

Tanya is a master magician. She has a gift for coaxing essential stories from a performer’s backpack of possibilities. Her ways are subtle, but supportive as she makes it safe for storytellers to recognize their deepest truths. She then helps those narratives rise and take shape. Tanya is like a flute player who invites your stories to uncoil and dance in a haunting rhythm. She helps you recognize your most intriguing threads, then guides you in weaving a tapestry from your life. The result is a one-person show that has exceptional emotional integrity.”

Dorothy Fadiman, Writer And Solo Performer, Academy Award Nominated Filmmaker

 “I created my one woman show “Sole Survivors” in Tanya’s workshop. I have now performed my show in Santa Fe, D.C., Philly and NYC. I have just gotten a one-month run of the show that is being produced in NYC. Tanya’s creative guidance and deep support allowed me to step into my life’s work.”

Michelle Vest, Writer And Performer Of The One-Woman Show “Sole Survivors”

 “Working with Tanya is setting forth on a journey—some of it familiar, and some of it quite unexpected, even startling. Throughout it all, Tanya listens with her heart, and in doing so, provides a very safe and sacred space where that voice—so long silent—finds its own strength and power. I would never have believed that it would be as transformative of an experience as it was. That, and a pantload of fun!”

Basile Vallas, Solo Performer “Witness To Dreams”

About Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Tanya is an internationally recognized expert in solo performance.

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is an internationally recognized expert in the field of solo performance. She has devoted the past thirty years to developing and exploring the Art of the One-Person Show. She has written and performed, coached, directed and produced hundreds of one person shows at theaters, conferences and festivals. She is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico where her students and clients come to work with her from all over the world at her famous “Solo Performance Boot Camp.” She now offers her one-on-one Boot Camps via Skype as well as in-person.

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is one of the world’s premier Solo Performance Coaches and Directors. Her work has been featured in “O” The Oprah Magazine, where it was called “a gift and a necessity,” on NPR, in BackStage and on CBS (The Early Show). She is the co-editor of the book The Cancer Monologue Project and the New Mexico reviewer for Broadway World.

Anne Marie’s Story

If you make the decision that you want to put your story in a form that can be successfully delivered to an audience, then Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is who you should be working with.

Ann Marie Houghtailing, Writer And Performer Of “Renegade Princess,” Which Has Had Runs In NYC, San Diego, Chicago And San Francisco

Working with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Working with Tanya on your solo show is unique and intimate…

Every show is different, as is every performer. Tanya guides each person in a specific, yet spontaneous process to guide them toward the essence of their show.

Tanya will help you find the story you most essentially want to tell. She will also assist you in finding your storytelling style. For example, is your show going to be an autobiographical story in the genre of Spalding Gray?

⭐️ A social commentary a la Mike Daisey?

⭐️ A combination of stories and embodied characters like Danny Hoch, John Leguizamo, Sarah Jones?

⭐️ Is your natural voice humorous? Ironic? Earnest?

⭐️ Are you funny and cerebral in the style of David Sedaris? Or physically outrageous like Ann Randolph or Lauren Weedman?

⭐️ If this is your second or third show, do you want to work in the same style as your first or stretch into something new?

Tanya has worked with shows in all these styles that are the most common and natural to solo shows. She will help you find both the content of your show as well as the “organic” structure.

You will work with her through improvisation, character exploration, writing exercises and specific discussions that address theme, passions and what you most essentially want to say.

Unlike many coaches, Tanya works with people on a project basis. This means that she will take you all the way from the first conversations, through the emergence of a first draft, and into a series of edits until you have a script ready to go into production for a festival, conference or theatrical run. Some of her clients hire her to direct their solo shows after the Solo Performance Boot Camp is complete. Others work with established directors in other locations.

Kerri’s Story

I came to Tanya in the midst of a personal healing journey that involved telling my story on stage in a one-person show. Writing a solo show is not something that most 23-year olds do, but after our first phone conversation, I knew I had to work with Tanya. Investing in Tanya’s Solo Performance Bootcamp and my show was important for my career – but it was most important for my soul…Tanya knows deeply the power of transformation through storytelling – and can gently, but firmly guide you to your next level of artistry and personhood.”

Kerri Lowe, Writer, Songwriter and Solo Performer of “The Only Thing You’ll Lose” 


Gray’s Story

Working with Tanya is magic. It’s as if she reaches inside you, and helps you pull out in a matter of days what you’ve been trying to spit out for years. Her process is natural, intuitive and seamless. Her guidance and insight not only assisted me in developing a stellar script–which I’ve gone on to perform in NYC, San Francisco, Santa Fe and Albuquerque–but her creative direction and vision helped create a show that was rich and dynamic – beyond anything I could have hoped for.”

Shannon Dejong (Gray Performs) Writer, Performer


Ready for Solo Performance Boot Camp?

One Final Note from Tanya

If you are ready to jump in and create your solo show…

The solo show that I am speaking of is the one-person show that is conceived of, written by and performed by one man or one woman. It is a show that is the most holistic form of theater, as it is born and manifested from one person’s deepest vision. It goes beyond conventional theater in terms of intimacy because the story, experience and perspective are created by the performer. For me, it has been the richest and most empowering journey I have taken in my lifetime and I have devoted myself to the exploration of this form. My introduction and mentor in this work as the late Spalding Gray who was a Master of this form. I have written and performed my own shows, directed and produced countless other solo shows and have been a teacher and coach in the development of solo shows.

Additionally, I have created and implemented a process to utilize contemporary monologues as a therapeutic form with populations of people experiencing trauma, transition or loss. There is no form that I have found that has the possibility of being a more powerful testament to the human spirit than the solo show. On a profound level, it is about the willingness to show up onstage and reveal our humanity to one another. Unlike the artifice inherent in traditional theater, this is no smoke-and-mirrors euphemism. Solo Performance is based on the direct experience of the performer him- or herself. It is based on real life experiences. The emotional story is the performer’s story one way or another, every time. This includes documentary theater performers, such as Anna Deveare Smith and Danny Hoch, who are choosing their subjects for interview. It is their personal point of view and choice to frame particular subjects in a particular way that shows us who they are.

If you are ready to jump in and create your own solo show, I am here to support you. Your life will never be the same on the other side of it. That is the one thing I can promise you. Use the form below to schedule an appointment.

It’s time to finally write your solo show!

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